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[21:53] Talhydras: @Ara: EGL?
[21:54] Talhydras: no!
[21:54] Talhydras: wait
[21:54] Talhydras: wait
[21:54] Talhydras: wait
[21:54] Ara[HonouraryEGL]: :]
[21:54] Talhydras: On a scale of 1 to 10 of manliness
[21:54] Talhydras: where 1 is hello kitty
[21:54] Ara[HonouraryEGL]: | blue means click
[21:54] Talhydras: and 10 is Mr. T and Chow Yun Fat, shirtless, firing two .50 cals each
[21:54] Talhydras: what are these on that scale
[21:55] Ara[HonouraryEGL]: -3
[21:55] Icefox: …
[21:55] Ara[HonouraryEGL]: at least I’m honest.

[17:29] *** Muncher ( has joined #NSArms.
[17:51] Muncher: Preston
[17:51] Muncher: I am become music
[17:51] Muncher: the destroyer of productivity
[17:52] Muncher: D:<
[17:52] Bull|Nehrland: Wow.
[17:52] * Muncher detonates
[17:52] Bull|Nehrland: And how does this make you feel, Muncher?
[17:52] Muncher:
[17:53] Muncher: Bull|Nehrland: kinda horny, actually
[17:53] Muncher: aaaaaaaaaand it’s a good thing Ara is inactive, else that’d get quoted on his blog XD
[17:53] Bull|Nehrland: And why does this make you feel “Kinda horny, actually,” Muncher?
[17:54] Muncher: Elisha Cuthbert
[17:54] Muncher: enough said
[17:54] Bull|Nehrland: Ok?
[17:55] Muncher: well, add in some Alizee just to drive you insane because the music never fucking leaves your head. Oh, and some Led Zeppelin guitar, with Jaco just getting high and funking the fuck out of your skull with a electric bass made entirely out of fossilized cannabis leaves
[17:55] Bull|Nehrland: Wtf.
[17:56] Muncher: and a nuclear explosion with a bunch of sexual predators (freshly castrated, gotta keep the pitch high and crisp!) singing “this little light of mine!”
[17:56] Bull|Nehrland: LMAO
[17:56] Muncher: admit it, no matter what you do in life, you will never be as awesome as that mental image
[17:56] Bull|Nehrland: True.
[17:58] Muncher: Aralonia, if you don’t fucking quote that, I’m running for president and accusing you of treason
[17:58] Muncher: D:<
[17:58] Mondoth: and then the sun explodes
[17:59] Bull|Nehrland: Chuck Norris 2012
[17:59] *** Bull|Nehrland is now known as Bull|ChuckNorris2012.
[18:01] DanHawking[Aralonia]: oh Munchie, I’m not inactive


[18:03] DanHawking[Aralonia]:
[18:04] Muncher: XD great presentation
[18:04] Bull|ChuckNorris2012: haha
[18:04] Muncher: it’d be best if I’d said “god damnit” right after you typed that
[18:05] Muncher: but alas and alak
[18:05] Muncher: providence can only suck my cock so much before she has to service others elsewhere
[18:06] Muncher: (Providence is pretty hot, but the twins Liberty and Justice are kinky, let me tell you)


[19:00] candiro: munchie
[19:00] Muncher: fucking starcraft, now
[19:00] candiro: get l4d
[19:00] Muncher: candiro, can’t, trying to get laid
[19:00] candiro: XD
[19:00] Spizania: you dont have much of a chance without Homeworld
[19:00] Muncher: new games and sex are mutually exclusive
[19:01] Spizania: what about the Desperate Housewives came? 😛
[19:01] Muncher: goddamit, I really need to think BEFORE I say things
[19:01] Muncher: not AFTER
[19:02] candiro: thoughts help no man

Posted on: 23 March 2009

hell ass balls this blog has been around for three year


Alienation, huh? Far easier for me than anyone else here, I’d think.

I spent two years where my most treasured companions were those existing

only on the Internet. People who I don’t really have ever seen, people who I

haven’t been able to interact with properly; only hear stories about their

days, their adventures. Even with those who I would prefer to be with, I was


I spent an eternity at my schools, where nearly nobody could (or would)

properly share in all of my interests, in my mindset. At that age, to talk

about such things as the mechanism of the AK-47 assault rifle was

ludicrously limited by the school; to talk about such things as the latest

episode of an anime series was seen as girlish or whatever. Because few

dared to stand away from the norms, I was alone.

I began to have more time to stare inwards at myself, to examine the thought

processes that brought me to this point. While I’d like to know more about

myself, I honestly also enjoy having less knowledge – when things appear out

of me without warning, it’s enjoyable, mysterious, new, exciting. As a

result of wanting to look in at myself, people look away, and I am alone.

I carry or wear odd things. You know me. Long brown coat, not like anyone wears it during the summer. Wearing dapper stuff, instead of the standard schmuck that most modern teenagers wear. I’m not even going to touch on the bow.

I make some of the most outlandish statements that many have ever heard in their lives. You know this as well as anybody else.

Purposefully, I push away many who approach me. Most people who I wouldn’t integrate with would ignore me, anyways. That’s alright; that’s my way of saying “I’m sorry, but thank you for not burdening yourself with me” so that people don’t have to worry. It’s a way of making sure that people who don’t want to be affected by me, aren’t.

The real annoyances are the ones who try and make my life miserable for their own petty self-entertainment. They approach me and act like fools, as they are. I tell them to sod off. Granted, they serve one entertainment to me as well, but that I must say is a vice. Most would say that I shouldn’t take schadenfreude or that I shouldn’t be such a mean person; but to hell with that. They have brought it upon themselves by activating me, and acting as such fools when they do.

From there remain only a select few people who I may probably not scorn. These frew, I see, are closer to my true friends; people who share my interests or parts of them. I have a good amount of these, I’ll admit, but most of them really aren’t that close to me.

In the last few remain people who’ve properly been able to touch me. Those who I properly see as my equals in many fields.

You know who you are, you truly know who you are. We’re all alienated, ourselves; but that’s where we’re together.

Thanks, people.

[22:28] Muncher:
[22:29] Muncher:
[22:29] Muncher: LISTEN GODDAMIT
[22:29] Muncher: ERNIE IS A FUCKING PIMP
[22:30] Muncher: goddamit, Ara, if I ever run for political office, you’re going to release all of these epic quotes
[22:30] Muncher: and my campaign would get pwnt
[22:31] DanHawking[Aralonia]: Munchie, daaaaaaaaahling, they’re online. They already are released.

“Oh, Rita.” “Oh, Ralph.” “…Ralph?” “…Shit.”

finally I can untick something from my life goals

published (not self-published) [ x ]

Posted on: 14 March 2009

[22 53 07] Alex F. says: after all the things that you have talked about in this chat

[22 53 25] Alex F. says: especially all the things you and El talk about when nobody else is online

[22 53 56] Alex F. says: I got the impression that it would be very difficult to make you uncomfortable

I am a man driven. But what does it mean, first of all, to be driven? Driven by what? Driven by some internal force to push me onwards into some sort of final goal? Driven by humanity to be yet another part of the machine, another moment in the long history of the universe to appear, live out eighty or so years? (Fie, such a useless thing to be so old! But, another writer has touched on that, so I shall give him that point. Isn’t the term for that “preemptive mental theft” or something similar?) Driven by myself and my own self-loathing, calling myself some sort of a vile slime that needs to go back and rework everything in front of him? What is there, you may ask, about my character that drives me? Yes, I do believe it was that last point, don’t all of you know? All of you out there, who I want. For what do I want you? That’s something I’ll leave to later. But yes, it was that last point. I drive myself out of the sheer unadulterated requirement that I must drive myself. And the best method to do that is to consistently work back on it, to spite myself by constantly calling it failure, rubbish, and trash.

You may ask of me, all of you as a collective soul, “But that doesn’t get you anywhere! Surely, your work is anything other than trash!” Well, that may be true, all of you. That may be true indeed, but I am not a critic. I refuse to be a critic on principle. This principle, indeed, is that there are enough of those critics in the world to criticise everything from beginning to end! Look at those poor souls, with nothing to speak about for themselves and nothing to do but to rant at other people. It’s despicable! It’s ridiculous! There is no point to such a continuous dislike, a continuum of hatred that this is! Why do these people have to criticise the actions of others! Such an annoyance! Such a nuisance! These people, who need to get out of their own excessively infuriating, high-strung, bourgeois ways! Such scoundrels need to be shot or executed in another way on sight. Call upon the revolution, I say! Call upon… ah, I’m getting on in my years, you see. Were I a younger man, I would have been easily capable of rousing so much anger against such a thing that the walls of Troy would have been knocked down.

But wait! I hear you all, all of you, wondering why? I comment and criticise those who do so against myself, and merely proceed onwards to fall into that rut! Why trick us? Why go to such lengths to confound all of you and act as if I were some sort of superior being, with the ability to confuse and stupefy all those around me?

Sadly, this is not my point. I have no time for simple mind tricks, you see. What is the point of having simple mind tricks, you may ask? What is the point of attempting to confound an audience – my audience! – when I am attempting to get a point across? You see, there should be no point in having to use mind tricks present to attempt (and succeed!) at driving away those more feeble-minded than my proper audience, when the sheer content of this work can properly perform that duty in a far more effective manner than simple mind tricks can get across. By avoiding the use of overtly simple mind games and excessively overt contradictory statements, you see, I can save more time and space that is better put to other purposes and more practical matters, such as criticism of humanity and of conformity and individualism and all the wonderful things I had pointed out, no? There, you see, I have no reason for mind games that just obviously do naught but waste my space on these pages – and publishing is damn expensive, let me tell you – and your time listening or reading this work. Of course, this does not preclude more complicated mind tricks and far more covert forms of contradiction from occurring; they are far more enjoyable to use, far more proper to inflict upon the audience, and far more useful for my own purposes.

“Get on with it!,” all of you say, wanting to move on. “What is the point? Why have you become so enamored with such rubbish as wanting to anger everyone around you and lack any sort of alliance, some sort of commonality with other members of mankind?” You see, all of you, it is impossible to call you all as individual units. It pains me to say such a thing, pains me to the depths of my cold, embittered spleen (Ah, for I wish I had a heart– did another writer steal such a phrase from me? Damn him!) You are all the same. There is no single one of all of you that I can pluck up by your collar and raise up and say “This! This one shall be the next of the brilliant!” and stare in awe. No, there is naught but stasis around me! While I hate to admit it, this is the root cause of all my troubles, of all my laments, of all of my raves against whatever Power that Is that runs this civilisation. I look out the window and I see the same; people moving along in a crowd, walk on the sidewalk, keep your head down, be fashionable, wear the same brands, drink the same things. Where is the independent thought? Where are those who stand up and work the other way? Walk against the crowd, hate on modern popular literature, eat away from the norm, stand on tables and laugh at those who deserve a good laughing-at. Few alone do this nowadays, and fewer still admit to it.

“Why not just give yourself up, then? Why fight the overarching power?” Here, even writing this bland mass of subject, I myself fall into the general morass of the age! Fie! How despicable it is of me to have been tricked and coerced by those around me in even cleverer ways to have to write such trash, such repetition as this! Yes, I do admit that I am having some semblance of enjoyment, participating in such miserable works, calling upon the fallout and shortcomings of civilisation. This enjoyment is a sense of self flagellation, where I continuously beat myself in order to coerce a proper, true semblance of emotion. It is indeed through this that I break away from the normality, the stasis, the sheer unmodified annoyance of society and carve a path of my own throughout whatever future lays before me! You see, all of you, my readers whom I have desire and now hold within my grasp, I am one of those terrors that you hear of! Those people your mother told you to stay away from when you were young, those people that the media condemns and shuns, I am one of those people! I am, as they say, one of the better revolutionaries. “What proof have you of this?” Well, if I were a bad revolutionary, then I wouldn’t be here speaking to you, now would I?

“But sir, you have not yet reached the point! Why fight? Is there even a reason to fight?” Silence, all of you! I will humor your petty desires and give you a reason, in order to allow you to lay silent and remain unbothersome and unappreciative dogs that you are. My reason for fighting is for the purpose of fighting.

“What? What silly talk is that?” Ah! You see, therein lies the elegance of such a thing, the raison d’etre of such a wonderful desire. If there is no resistance, how can we change? In our species, we have been marked with wonderful periods of change, have we not? Examples I can summon off my memory are such things are the Chinese Cultural Revolutions, the 1776 American Independence, the Industrial Revolution, and this wonderful Information Age that is passing us by, beneath our soles, as we walk. These changes were brought about by those around that have the will to act out, to break the norm, to do something to allow better well-being. And what do they receive in return? People use machinery to create things to kill people, people use the Internet in order to use connections across borders to ruin the lives of people they’ve never met, people abuse independence and freedom in order to make misery for other people. It’s an honestly despicable, heartless, relentless, inexorable, and continues onward.

Ah, I digress. Don’t speak! I’ve had enough of you all. You see, though, the essence of the thing about fighting rounds its way back to the initial point, back to being, as Pascal said, “a central point in between nothing and all and infinitely far from understanding either.” Without a machine, without an overmind to fight against as you all are, my purpose becomes nil. The instant everyone becomes truly, incomparably individual with no overlapping features whatsoever, my use disappears. I and those similar to me shall fade until we vanish, becoming nothing at all and merely other parts of a similar morass… Do you see the requirement of such an enemy to fight? I am a revolutionary so long as there is an enemy. In the end, my goal to fight is not in order to defeat my enemy, but to have the purpose of having an enemy, having something to be against, and having something to relieve my own personal monotony.

Yes, I believe that is correct now.

That is why, readers, I need only one thing of you. Continue being your simple mass, your combined immense hive mind of souls bound by consumerism, by modern babying, by modern necessity.

It gives me something to enjoy speaking against.


Updated: This assignment received a 98/100, because I used “hate on modern literature” instead of “hate modern literature.” Dammit!

[22:20] Talost|Kargucagstan: What are the blades on a Seaking made of?
[22:20] Talost|Kargucagstan: Titanium? Composites?
[22:21] *** Mondoth|TF2 is now known as Mondoth.
[22:22] Munchy|TF2: not titanium, it’s too expensive, probably some sort of an aluminum alloy and/or composite
[22:23] Munchy|TF2: *too expensive and heavy
[22:23] Munchy|TF2: that one chick in the “BK Burger Shots” commercial has great tits
[22:23] Munchy|TF2: just throwing that out there


[22:29] Aralonia:
[22:29] Munchy|TF2: XD
[22:29] Munchy|TF2: XD
[22:29] Talost|Kargucagstan: [22:23]
*too expensive and heavy
[22:29] Talost|Kargucagstan: XD *
[22:30] Munchy|TF2: hey, she does. I’d gladly go to second with her.
[22:30] Munchy|TF2: QUIT JUDGING ME
[22:30] Munchy|TF2: I SEE YOU
[22:30] Munchy|TF2: YOUR ACCUSING EYES
[22:31] Munchy|TF2: BITCH

[21:14] TWSP: So
[21:14] TWSP: If Haven was a high-school stereotype
[21:14] TerranTribes: I thought it was?
[21:14] TWSP: Doomingsland would the jock
[21:14] TWSP: Well
[21:14] TWSP: Let’s explain it
[21:15] Aralonia: lol haven
[21:15] TWSP: Preston would be the potential school shooter
[21:15] TWSP: =P
[21:15] Aralonia: If I were still in Haven, well
[21:15] *** You are now known as MiriHawke.
[21:15] Preston: lulz
[21:15] MiriHawke: <–
[21:15] candiro: wonder where I would be placed…
[21:15] MiriHawke: Flat-chested nerdy loud hates-the-popular-kids insane.
[21:16] MiriHawke: 😀
[21:16] TheSilverSky: candiro
[21:16] * MiriHawke afterglow
[21:16] TheSilverSky: we’d be the nerdy spics
[21:16] MiriHawke: awesome
[21:16] TWSP: TWSP would be the kid who seats alone and reads
[21:16] MiriHawke: I’d totally hang out with Cand and TSS because of lol nerdism
[21:16] TWSP: Not much of a social life
[21:16] candiro: nah, we (or at least i) would be the somewhat perplexing lazy overachiever
[21:16] TheSilverSky: MiriHawke, then we’d gangbang you, cause we’re spics
[21:16] TheSilverSky: D:<
[21:16] TheSilverSky: jk
[21:17] TheSilverSky: candiro, that totally describes me right now in school XD
[21:17] * candiro ^5s TSS
[21:17] TheSilverSky: ^5
[21:17] candiro: football team, AP classes, could teach a class, and winds up in community college. WHERE IS YOUR FUTURE :X
[21:18] TWSP: Soda would be the token Jew
[21:18] candiro: the guy who thinks he’s cool but isnt.
[21:18] TWSP: Willink would be the sports fan
[21:18] candiro: not necessarily jew
[21:18] * MiriHawke laughs
[21:19] candiro: oh god
[21:19] TheSilverSky: TWSP, i’d be a cross between a nerd, lazy, overachiever, sports fan and in the go home afterschool club, oh and i play soccer too
[21:19] TheSilverSky: indoor soccer ❤
[21:19] TWSP: Soccer gtfo
[21:19] candiro: allanea wouldv’e been the creepy guy who drove around the high school
[21:19] TWSP: It’s football
[21:19] TWSP: Not soccer
[21:19] TheSilverSky: not here in the usa twsp
[21:19] TheSilverSky: 😛
[21:20] TWSP: [02:20]<candiro>allanea wouldv’e been the creepy guy who drove around the high school <– I know your mum and I have candy in my van!
[21:20] candiro: XD
[21:20] TWSP: Allanea would be like “FUCK YOU, I’M A PENGUIN!”
[21:20] *** TerranTribes (chatzilla@ has signed off IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
[21:20] MiriHawke: Allanea would be the penguin suit wearing pedophile
[21:21] candiro: who drives around the school in the white van with
[21:21] candiro: black hoody and sunglasses on
[21:21] candiro: reeeaal slow
[21:21] TWSP: (Link:!)! <– Allanea
[21:22] candiro: ecks dee
[21:22] candiro: who would be the graduate who gets us alcohol?
[21:22] MiriHawke: MUNCHIE
[21:22] TheSilverSky: no
[21:23] TheSilverSky: munchy is a mystery
[21:23] MiriHawke: MEK
[21:23] TerranTribes: dare I ask, wtf would I be?
[21:23] TheSilverSky: i’d prolly be matt
[21:23] MiriHawke: lol matt
[21:23] MiriHawke: I’d probably hate his ass
[21:23] candiro: MEK
[21:23] candiro: IT’D BE MEK
[21:23] candiro: YES
[21:23] TheSilverSky: ya
[21:23] TheSilverSky: mek would be the awesome guy
[21:23] TheSilverSky: or prolly awesome teacher
[21:24] TheSilverSky: who gets us alcohol
[21:24] candiro: ya
[21:24] TWSP: (Link: lawd
[21:24] TWSP: No
[21:24] TWSP: Matt would be the strange asian dude
[21:24] TWSP: Like the one fro American Pie
[21:24] TWSP: Prae would be the manipulative blonde who gets other guys to do her homework
[21:25] candiro: wonder what pleston would be
[21:25] TWSP: [02:15]<TWSP>Preston would be the potential school shooter
[21:25] MiriHawke: CP would, yeah
[21:25] MiriHawke: he’d be bullied as hell
[21:26] TheSilverSky: TWSP, cland would be the nerdy kid who would be with the blonde all the time but have no chance with her
[21:26] candiro: made fun of for no concieveable reason
[21:26] MiriHawke: …Still, for all intents and purposes, I hate myself, because I would probably be a girl in NS High School. OTL
[21:26] candiro: XD
[21:26] TWSP: Dual wielding MP5s while yelling “HERE’S YOUR FUCKING HEDGEHOG!”
[21:26] TWSP: =P
[21:26] TheSilverSky: miri, you’d prolly bang munchy if you were a girl
[21:26] TheSilverSky: XD
[21:26] TWSP: Yap TSS
[21:26] * candiro figures he’d be what he was in highschool
[21:26] TheSilverSky: candiro, same here
[21:27] candiro: standing outside the gates of school most of the day and somehow getting better grades than you
[21:27] TheSilverSky: oh i also double as the fucking smartass class hole
[21:27] candiro: while only being in class just enough to not get kicked oout
[21:27] candiro: XD
[21:27] TheSilverSky: candiro, i sit in class and text girls XD
[21:27] TWSP: TSS would be “Pedro”
[21:27] TWSP: The kid who gets picked on by the Spanish teacher
[21:27] candiro: nah, pedro would be pedro
[21:27] TheSilverSky: AP world history = easiet class evah
[21:27] candiro: YES.
[21:27] TWSP: Because she supposedly knows “more” than he does
[21:27] TheSilverSky: TWSP, i got a 101 on spanish 5-6 [spanish 3 for most people]
[21:28] TheSilverSky: 101%
[21:28] candiro: for my physics classes I spent the whole time making fun of my teacher
[21:28] Preston: [00:26]<TWSP>Dual wielding MP5s while yelling “HERE’S YOUR FUCKING HEDGEHOG!” XD
[21:28] TheSilverSky: and a 98%
[21:28] candiro: as a result I made most of the class lag behind horribly
[21:28] TerranTribes: I have no idea wtf I was in high school.  @ lunch I hung out with nerd, rockers, and a few thugs.  I did pretty well grade wise but rarely gave a real fuck, and I was on the golf team.
[21:28] candiro: iirc i 5’d the APPB test
[21:28] TheSilverSky: candiro, me and my bud slept half the time, woke up to do notes, take tests and do the labs
[21:28] TheSilverSky: in physics
[21:28] candiro: lul
[21:28] TheSilverSky: i got a 98%
[21:28] * Preston has like a 99 in Spanish 5 atm
[21:28] TheSilverSky: he got a 80 something XD
[21:29] Preston: I’m fucking epic at Spanish
[21:29] candiro: talk in spanish preston
[21:29] candiro: i wouldn’t be able to respond but I can tell you if you’re right
[21:29] * MiriHawke lmao TSS
[21:29] * MiriHawke also punches TSS.
[21:29] TheSilverSky: ya, i can understand people when they talk
[21:29] Preston: Pienso que el madre de candiro es una mujer muy bonita y un cocinero bueno.
[21:29] TheSilverSky: but in writing it sucks XD
[21:29] MiriHawke: I wouldn’t bang Munchie XD
[21:30] candiro: NO ACCENT MARKS
[21:30] candiro: OBJECTIVE FAILED
[21:30] MiriHawke: hahahaha cand
[21:30] TWSP: Psshaw
[21:30] MiriHawke: I hate Spanish
[21:30] Preston: I has laptop
[21:30] TWSP: candiro
[21:30] TheSilverSky: MiriHawke, you’d be like his bff
[21:30] MiriHawke: probably
[21:30] TWSP: I’m a native speaker and I don’t use accent makrs
[21:30] Preston: cannot do control-based hotkeys D:
[21:30] TWSP: *marks
[21:30] TWSP: D:
[21:30] candiro: shhh
[21:30] MiriHawke: We’d all be good buddies but
[21:30] candiro: he doens’t know that yet
[21:30] * MiriHawke drags in the floaty anime backgrounds
[21:30] TWSP: Albeit he had a few gender errors
[21:30] MiriHawke: ALAS
[21:30] MiriHawke: UNREQUITED
[21:30] * MiriHawke swoons.
[21:30] candiro: lolwut
[21:31] candiro: i figure if rl me is anything to go by
[21:31] * MiriHawke Kanako (Maria+Holic)
[21:31] TWSP: [02:30]<Preston>Pienso que el madre de candiro es una mujer muy bonita y un cocinero bueno. <– Pienso que la madre de candiro es una mujer muy bonita y una buena cocinera
[21:31] TheSilverSky: oh god
[21:31] candiro: oh dude
[21:31] Preston: Tambien pienso que <<vosotros>> no es necesario en la lengua moderna
[21:31] candiro: preston you implied my mother is a dude
[21:31] TheSilverSky: MiriHawke, you’d be like a taiga, maria, and kanako cross
[21:31] * candiro just noticed that
[21:31] TheSilverSky: with minorin thrown in too
[21:31] Preston: oh shit
[21:31] MiriHawke: lmao
[21:31] MiriHawke: el madre
[21:31] MiriHawke: XDDDDD
[21:31] TWSP: vosotros got replaced with ustedes
[21:32] TWSP: Albeit vosotros has a nice ring
[21:32] MiriHawke: @TSS/Cand: No, I’d be a Minoin, Mariya, Kanako, and Taiga cross
[21:32] candiro: imma kill ya bro
[21:32] Preston: It could be worse though. Yesterday at work I said “maricones” when I meant to say “camarones”
[21:32] MiriHawke: XDD
[21:32] TWSP: Ara would be the wapanese anime freak
[21:32] candiro: XD
[21:32] TWSP: =P
[21:32] MiriHawke: No
[21:32] candiro: ‘sup faggots’
[21:32] MiriHawke: I would honestly probably be a girl
[21:32] candiro: …nah you coulda gotten away with it
[21:32] TerranTribes: I’m 3/4 mex, grew up on the border, took the minimum spanish classes, and still can’t speak a word of it
[21:32] candiro: [00:32]<MiriHawke>I would honestly probably be a girl  <=== out of context theater
[21:32] MiriHawke: SEE
[21:32] TWSP: How can you confuse “shrimps” with “fags”?
[21:32] Preston: the way it sounds
[21:33] MiriHawke: <____<
[21:33] TWSP: Spizania
[21:33] Spizania: yes?
[21:33] TWSP: Spiz would be
[21:33] TWSP: Crazy
[21:33] TWSP: Anyways
[21:33] TWSP: [02:33]<candiro>[00:32] <MiriHawke> I would honestly probably be a girl  <=== out of context theater <– topic plz
[21:33] candiro: i figure if RL me is anything to go buy you’d sooner find out how to build a tank than how to calc refraction of a lense if you looked in my notebook.
[21:33] MiriHawke: IYAAAAAAAAAA DESU~
[21:33] Preston: I wasn’t thinking when I meant to say “tenemos camarones en especial este mes”
[21:34] *** Yafor2|Away ( has signed off IRC (Quit: Where’s my water buffalo? Why don’t I have a water buffalo?).
[21:34] TWSP: That sentence is poorly worded


My name is Daniel Hawking.

There are three fractions that make up this persona.

One of which is sealed closed via the physical realm of the world. One of which is unlocked via the medium known as the Internet. One of which is standing tall, watching over the wondrous horizon in front of him.

Of the first, this is the one most who have met me see, the one shunned, the one unappreciated, the one treated as entertainment instead of a colleague, the one shunted off to the side.

Of the second, only a select few have been able to meet. Coherency and truthful thoughts are the hallmarks of those knowing this fraction, as are trust and belief. Most of the dearest friends know of this section.

Of the third...? Revival of the finest order, as the phoenix of a prince rises from his own ashes. The adventurer, a traveler.

Regardless of fates, this is who I am now.

Daniel Hawking. Prince of Aralonia.

One of many.

A representative of Aralonia.

Together, the collective mindset of a nation.

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