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IRC hilarity continues forever

Posted on: 7 March 2009

[21:14] TWSP: So
[21:14] TWSP: If Haven was a high-school stereotype
[21:14] TerranTribes: I thought it was?
[21:14] TWSP: Doomingsland would the jock
[21:14] TWSP: Well
[21:14] TWSP: Let’s explain it
[21:15] Aralonia: lol haven
[21:15] TWSP: Preston would be the potential school shooter
[21:15] TWSP: =P
[21:15] Aralonia: If I were still in Haven, well
[21:15] *** You are now known as MiriHawke.
[21:15] Preston: lulz
[21:15] MiriHawke: <–
[21:15] candiro: wonder where I would be placed…
[21:15] MiriHawke: Flat-chested nerdy loud hates-the-popular-kids insane.
[21:16] MiriHawke: ūüėÄ
[21:16] TheSilverSky: candiro
[21:16] * MiriHawke afterglow
[21:16] TheSilverSky: we’d be the nerdy spics
[21:16] MiriHawke: awesome
[21:16] TWSP: TWSP would be the kid who seats alone and reads
[21:16] MiriHawke: I’d totally hang out with Cand and TSS because of lol nerdism
[21:16] TWSP: Not much of a social life
[21:16] candiro: nah, we (or at least i) would be the somewhat perplexing lazy overachiever
[21:16] TheSilverSky: MiriHawke, then we’d gangbang you, cause we’re spics
[21:16] TheSilverSky: D:<
[21:16] TheSilverSky: jk
[21:17] TheSilverSky: candiro, that totally describes me right now in school XD
[21:17] * candiro ^5s TSS
[21:17] TheSilverSky: ^5
[21:17] candiro: football team, AP classes, could teach a class, and winds up in community college. WHERE IS YOUR FUTURE :X
[21:18] TWSP: Soda would be the token Jew
[21:18] candiro: the guy who thinks he’s cool but isnt.
[21:18] TWSP: Willink would be the sports fan
[21:18] candiro: not necessarily jew
[21:18] * MiriHawke laughs
[21:19] candiro: oh god
[21:19] TheSilverSky: TWSP, i’d be a cross between a nerd, lazy, overachiever, sports fan and in the go home afterschool club, oh and i play soccer too
[21:19] TheSilverSky: indoor soccer ‚̧
[21:19] TWSP: Soccer gtfo
[21:19] candiro: allanea wouldv’e been the creepy guy who drove around the high school
[21:19] TWSP: It’s football
[21:19] TWSP: Not soccer
[21:19] TheSilverSky: not here in the usa twsp
[21:19] TheSilverSky: ūüėõ
[21:20] TWSP: [02:20]<candiro>allanea wouldv’e been the creepy guy who drove around the high school <– I know your mum and I have candy in my van!
[21:20] candiro: XD
[21:20] TWSP: Allanea would be like “FUCK YOU, I’M A PENGUIN!”
[21:20] *** TerranTribes (chatzilla@ has signed off IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
[21:20] MiriHawke: Allanea would be the penguin suit wearing pedophile
[21:21] candiro: who drives around the school in the white van with
[21:21] candiro: black hoody and sunglasses on
[21:21] candiro: reeeaal slow
[21:21] TWSP: (Link:!)! <– Allanea
[21:22] candiro: ecks dee
[21:22] candiro: who would be the graduate who gets us alcohol?
[21:22] MiriHawke: MUNCHIE
[21:22] TheSilverSky: no
[21:23] TheSilverSky: munchy is a mystery
[21:23] MiriHawke: MEK
[21:23] TerranTribes: dare I ask, wtf would I be?
[21:23] TheSilverSky: i’d prolly be matt
[21:23] MiriHawke: lol matt
[21:23] MiriHawke: I’d probably hate his ass
[21:23] candiro: MEK
[21:23] candiro: IT’D BE MEK
[21:23] candiro: YES
[21:23] TheSilverSky: ya
[21:23] TheSilverSky: mek would be the awesome guy
[21:23] TheSilverSky: or prolly awesome teacher
[21:24] TheSilverSky: who gets us alcohol
[21:24] candiro: ya
[21:24] TWSP: (Link: lawd
[21:24] TWSP: No
[21:24] TWSP: Matt would be the strange asian dude
[21:24] TWSP: Like the one fro American Pie
[21:24] TWSP: Prae would be the manipulative blonde who gets other guys to do her homework
[21:25] candiro: wonder what pleston would be
[21:25] TWSP: [02:15]<TWSP>Preston would be the potential school shooter
[21:25] MiriHawke: CP would, yeah
[21:25] MiriHawke: he’d be bullied as hell
[21:26] TheSilverSky: TWSP, cland would be the nerdy kid who would be with the blonde all the time but have no chance with her
[21:26] candiro: made fun of for no concieveable reason
[21:26] MiriHawke: …Still, for all intents and purposes, I hate myself, because I would probably be a girl in NS High School. OTL
[21:26] candiro: XD
[21:26] TWSP: Dual wielding MP5s while yelling “HERE’S YOUR FUCKING HEDGEHOG!”
[21:26] TWSP: =P
[21:26] TheSilverSky: miri, you’d prolly bang munchy if you were a girl
[21:26] TheSilverSky: XD
[21:26] TWSP: Yap TSS
[21:26] * candiro figures he’d be what he was in highschool
[21:26] TheSilverSky: candiro, same here
[21:27] candiro: standing outside the gates of school most of the day and somehow getting better grades than you
[21:27] TheSilverSky: oh i also double as the fucking smartass class hole
[21:27] candiro: while only being in class just enough to not get kicked oout
[21:27] candiro: XD
[21:27] TheSilverSky: candiro, i sit in class and text girls XD
[21:27] TWSP: TSS would be “Pedro”
[21:27] TWSP: The kid who gets picked on by the Spanish teacher
[21:27] candiro: nah, pedro would be pedro
[21:27] TheSilverSky: AP world history = easiet class evah
[21:27] candiro: YES.
[21:27] TWSP: Because she supposedly knows “more” than he does
[21:27] TheSilverSky: TWSP, i got a 101 on spanish 5-6 [spanish 3 for most people]
[21:28] TheSilverSky: 101%
[21:28] candiro: for my physics classes I spent the whole time making fun of my teacher
[21:28] Preston: [00:26]<TWSP>Dual wielding MP5s while yelling “HERE’S YOUR FUCKING HEDGEHOG!” XD
[21:28] TheSilverSky: and a 98%
[21:28] candiro: as a result I made most of the class lag behind horribly
[21:28] TerranTribes: I have no idea wtf I was in high school.  @ lunch I hung out with nerd, rockers, and a few thugs.  I did pretty well grade wise but rarely gave a real fuck, and I was on the golf team.
[21:28] candiro: iirc i 5’d the APPB test
[21:28] TheSilverSky: candiro, me and my bud slept half the time, woke up to do notes, take tests and do the labs
[21:28] TheSilverSky: in physics
[21:28] candiro: lul
[21:28] TheSilverSky: i got a 98%
[21:28] * Preston has like a 99 in Spanish 5 atm
[21:28] TheSilverSky: he got a 80 something XD
[21:29] Preston: I’m fucking epic at Spanish
[21:29] candiro: talk in spanish preston
[21:29] candiro: i wouldn’t be able to respond but I can tell you if you’re right
[21:29] * MiriHawke lmao TSS
[21:29] * MiriHawke also punches TSS.
[21:29] TheSilverSky: ya, i can understand people when they talk
[21:29] Preston: Pienso que el madre de candiro es una mujer muy bonita y un cocinero bueno.
[21:29] TheSilverSky: but in writing it sucks XD
[21:29] MiriHawke: I wouldn’t bang Munchie XD
[21:30] candiro: NO ACCENT MARKS
[21:30] candiro: OBJECTIVE FAILED
[21:30] MiriHawke: hahahaha cand
[21:30] TWSP: Psshaw
[21:30] MiriHawke: I hate Spanish
[21:30] Preston: I has laptop
[21:30] TWSP: candiro
[21:30] TheSilverSky: MiriHawke, you’d be like his bff
[21:30] MiriHawke: probably
[21:30] TWSP: I’m a native speaker and I don’t use accent makrs
[21:30] Preston: cannot do control-based hotkeys D:
[21:30] TWSP: *marks
[21:30] TWSP: D:
[21:30] candiro: shhh
[21:30] MiriHawke: We’d all be good buddies but
[21:30] candiro: he doens’t know that yet
[21:30] * MiriHawke drags in the floaty anime backgrounds
[21:30] TWSP: Albeit he had a few gender errors
[21:30] MiriHawke: ALAS
[21:30] MiriHawke: UNREQUITED
[21:30] * MiriHawke swoons.
[21:30] candiro: lolwut
[21:31] candiro: i figure if rl me is anything to go by
[21:31] * MiriHawke Kanako (Maria+Holic)
[21:31] TWSP: [02:30]<Preston>Pienso que el madre de candiro es una mujer muy bonita y un cocinero bueno. <– Pienso que la madre de candiro es una mujer muy bonita y una buena cocinera
[21:31] TheSilverSky: oh god
[21:31] candiro: oh dude
[21:31] Preston: Tambien pienso que <<vosotros>> no es necesario en la lengua moderna
[21:31] candiro: preston you implied my mother is a dude
[21:31] TheSilverSky: MiriHawke, you’d be like a taiga, maria, and kanako cross
[21:31] * candiro just noticed that
[21:31] TheSilverSky: with minorin thrown in too
[21:31] Preston: oh shit
[21:31] MiriHawke: lmao
[21:31] MiriHawke: el madre
[21:31] MiriHawke: XDDDDD
[21:31] TWSP: vosotros got replaced with ustedes
[21:32] TWSP: Albeit vosotros has a nice ring
[21:32] MiriHawke: @TSS/Cand: No, I’d be a Minoin, Mariya, Kanako, and Taiga cross
[21:32] candiro: imma kill ya bro
[21:32] Preston: It could be worse though. Yesterday at work I said “maricones” when I meant to say “camarones”
[21:32] MiriHawke: XDD
[21:32] TWSP: Ara would be the wapanese anime freak
[21:32] candiro: XD
[21:32] TWSP: =P
[21:32] MiriHawke: No
[21:32] candiro: ‘sup faggots’
[21:32] MiriHawke: I would honestly probably be a girl
[21:32] candiro: …nah you coulda gotten away with it
[21:32] TerranTribes: I’m 3/4 mex, grew up on the border, took the minimum spanish classes, and still can’t speak a word of it
[21:32] candiro: [00:32]<MiriHawke>I would honestly probably be a girl  <=== out of context theater
[21:32] MiriHawke: SEE
[21:32] TWSP: How can you confuse “shrimps” with “fags”?
[21:32] Preston: the way it sounds
[21:33] MiriHawke: <____<
[21:33] TWSP: Spizania
[21:33] Spizania: yes?
[21:33] TWSP: Spiz would be
[21:33] TWSP: Crazy
[21:33] TWSP: Anyways
[21:33] TWSP: [02:33]<candiro>[00:32] <MiriHawke> I would honestly probably be a girl  <=== out of context theater <Рtopic plz
[21:33] candiro: i figure if RL me is anything to go buy you’d sooner find out how to build a tank than how to calc refraction of a lense if you looked in my notebook.
[21:33] MiriHawke: IYAAAAAAAAAA DESU~
[21:33] Preston: I wasn’t thinking when I meant to say “tenemos camarones en especial este mes”
[21:34] *** Yafor2|Away ( has signed off IRC (Quit: Where’s my water buffalo? Why don’t I have a water buffalo?).
[21:34] TWSP: That sentence is poorly worded


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My name is Daniel Hawking.

There are three fractions that make up this persona.

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Of the third...? Revival of the finest order, as the phoenix of a prince rises from his own ashes. The adventurer, a traveler.

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