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Posted on: 28 July 2008

oh shit, this is bad.


Mobile suits in Aralonia are designated according to the company, instead of by a unified naming scheme. As a result, Genoard Munitions Industrie and Reutonia Heavy Design apply their prefixes to the mobile suit unit. The following number is just an arbitrary number according to how many designs have been used beforehand.

1st Generation Prototype Models

GMI-29 Roland (resembles GM[E])

1st Generation Mass-Produced Models

GMI-31 Paladin (cross between GM Kai from 0083 and GM Quel)

1st Generation Testbed Models

GMI-35 Joyeuse (RX-78-4, RX-78GP01, RX-178 for design influences – equipped with less armour and modified frame)

GMI-35.42 Joyeuse (Modification of GMI-35 to equip miniaturised Nikolai drive, capable of self-sustained flight at medium velocity)

GMI-35.83s Joyeuse (Final GMI-35 design that adds binders and modified shoulder pieces for space use

GMI-35.98g Joyeuse (Final GMI-35 design that adds reactive armour for ground use)

RHD-15L (Testbed model designed to work in pairs with R unit. Armed with close-range weapons such as a shield unit on the left arm carrying a beam sword and wire-guided rockets, as well as probably two hand-held light machine cannons/beam machine cannons)

RHD-15R (Testbed model designed to work in pairs with L unit. Armed with long-range weapons such as a long rifle, beam cannon, shoulder-mounted missile pods and probably two rocket anchors)

Interestingly enough, two fields of combat come together with the storyline I’m working on. You have mobile suits and variable fighters coming into contact with each other. While the mobile suit is a well armoured, decently fast fighting unit, the variable fighter is a transformable, very fast, yet lightly armoured unit (energy conversion armour aside, which I’ll probably include due to similarity to electric-reactive armour). How would one be able to defeat the other?



High speed, high maneuverability, gun pod and head turret can be used simultaneously as CIWS, crazy rolling ability in Battloid


Relatively low armour compraed to mobile suits, no heavy-hitting firepower other than missiles

Mobile Suit


Beam rifle, Minofsky reactor/particle dispersion, heavy armour, beam saber at close range, AMBAC


Low speed as compared to VF fighter mode

Posted on: 25 July 2008

Floating is a wonderful, wonderful thing. For a few moments, so long as I can hold my breath, I’m weightless, free, mobile in any direction.

Maybe this is why I’ve made sure most of my fantasy characters could have sustained flight? The first James Hawking used his two heavy swords in a jetpack form that made him look like Mario using the water jet in Super Mario Sunshine. Don Tallen and Doned Hopkins both had the Fly spell in D&D, just because. The more recent Daniel Hawking characters now use force magic to fly even more powerfully than before. None of them could probably match J.Hawking’s Hyper Sonic Blade, though. That stuff could render mountains.

Regardless. Flight… one of those things I’ve wanted forever. I love it. To fly and soar above clouds.

There isn’t much time left for me to dream. I can’t be the kid I used to be, can’t be the kid I want to be. It’s times like this when I have to grow up and leave my past behind.

Is this the slow end of the existence of Daniel Hawking?

Types of Force Blade manipulation, increasing by level of complexity

  1. Basic sword – handle, hilt, blade. Very simple longsword-like object made from pure force energy.
  2. Modified sword – handle, hilt, blade. Can be shaped into any form, limited by size.
  3. Shield – basic shield, any shape limited by the size of a manipulable field.
  4. Non-sword weapon – any weapon, essentially, limited only by the size of a manipulable field.
  5. Beam Cannon – a force field with an active accelerator that fires beams of the contained magic energy/particles within the blade.
  6. “Maneuvering thruster” – a force sword that acts as a hypervibrating/mass-firing “jet” that allows the user to move faster due to propulsion adding to their movement.
  7. “Thruster” – a force beam cannon that is used as a thruster, propelling the user at high velocities.
  8. Hovering sword – a force blade that can hover and move as controlled by telekinesis or other manipulation magic, within a certain range as manageable by the user.
  9. Hovering shield – as with shield, but hovering.
  10. Hovering weapon – same as hovering sword, but any shape.
  11. Hovering beam cannon – a force beam cannon that is controlled with telekinesis or other manipulation magic to hover and move within a certain range as manageable by the user.
  12. Teleporting beam cannon – a force beam cannon that fires, then teleports to another position, then fires again, moving via “teleportation”, which is really the fast dispersal and reformation of a hovering beam cannon.

Daniel Hawking says:

1.) There are four forces in the real world physics – gravity, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear

!Daniel Hawking says:

2.) Force magic is the manipulation of these four forces

!Daniel Hawking says:

3.) It is simultaneously the easiest magic to master and the most difficult

!Daniel Hawking says:

4.) Gravity spells are force spells using gravity control

!Daniel Hawking says:

5.) Magic Missile/Force Arrow/whatever the popular name is, is a simple eletromagnetic force spell that gives force energy a vector. Since EM force is difficult to control, it has a set velocity of really fucking fast

!Daniel Hawking says:

6.) “Force swords” are the control of EM force into a solid form. Since the real-world EM force is what stops us from falling through chairs and shit, it makes sense that you now have a blade formed from pure EM force that can cut/smash shit

!Daniel Hawking says:

brb mom needs me rly fast, there are 3 more points

° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:

………Falling through chairs?!

° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:


!Daniel Hawking says:

You know how an atom is mostly empty space right

° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:


° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:

I might have at some point in time

° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:


!Daniel Hawking says:

EM force keeps us from falling through stuff, and makes things feel solid

° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:

Man that’s cool

!Daniel Hawking says:

it’s literally a force field

° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:


° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:


° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:


° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:

Just keep explaining

° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:

I’ll read it later

° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:

eh nevermind.

!Daniel Hawking says:


° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:


!Daniel Hawking says:

7.) The strong nuclear force overrides the repulsion of the EM force and allows atoms to stick together. High-level force magic, then, involves the literal disintegration of the target into component protons and neutrons via weakening/disrupting this strong nuclear force. Basically, point your hand at someone and BAM instant sand

° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:

° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:


° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:

That’s scary…

!Daniel Hawking says:

8.) The weak nuclear force, I’m not too sure about, but I think it’s what causes radioactivity. Application of this would be extremely powerful in causing an enemy to disintegrate and retain enough energy to cause a chain reaction that disrupts the strong nuclear force in order to destroy things such as… planets.

° † Riyuu \\ 涙を隠してつないだ手を話した · ¤ says:


!Daniel Hawking says:

9.) All these forces, in theoretical physics, require nearly exponentially increasing amounts of energy to control. Therefore, it is thought that the use of “weak nuclear force” is impossible due to it requiring the energy output of a few stars. There, I’m done. What do you think?


-World 1: Gundam World

–Possible war of aggression involving Germany/Russia pushing into EU/Aralonian territory and the war that follows to regain territory and break the back of the German/Russian military. WWII rewritten? >_o


-World 2: New Saris, The Aralonian Golden Age

–Future Tech, BSF-verse? Probably shorter chapter showcasing space combat and evolution of space colonisation. Possibly renting out a Crown Colony-class cruiser and blasting around like maniacs.

-World 3: Old Saris, the Capital of the United Kingdom

–Old old old. Middle Ages. A view into Aralonian life in a time now remembered only in storybooks and fairy tales

-World 4: “Dating Sim”

–Everyone wants to go home. Le sigh. So ding press a button and… okay, now how did that happen? Welcome to Harker Memorial High School, a place where hopes, dreams, and fantasies are shot down by the administration… then performed anyways because god damn it why are we in a dating sim. This one’s probably going to be fun to write ahahahahaha

-World Final: Post-Exodus

–The final point of all events. Character designs for Daniel Hawking, at least, are nearly finalised. And it’s going to be good.


My name is Daniel Hawking.

There are three fractions that make up this persona.

One of which is sealed closed via the physical realm of the world. One of which is unlocked via the medium known as the Internet. One of which is standing tall, watching over the wondrous horizon in front of him.

Of the first, this is the one most who have met me see, the one shunned, the one unappreciated, the one treated as entertainment instead of a colleague, the one shunted off to the side.

Of the second, only a select few have been able to meet. Coherency and truthful thoughts are the hallmarks of those knowing this fraction, as are trust and belief. Most of the dearest friends know of this section.

Of the third...? Revival of the finest order, as the phoenix of a prince rises from his own ashes. The adventurer, a traveler.

Regardless of fates, this is who I am now.

Daniel Hawking. Prince of Aralonia.

One of many.

A representative of Aralonia.

Together, the collective mindset of a nation.

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