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School tomorrow.

Not sure if I’m happy or not. This summer has been excellent, at least the last couple of days were. You know who you are, people. 🙂 I’m glad.

Then again I haven’t been around much of my old group from main school at all, I guess. Okay so I do talk to one online a hell of a lot and another was just at my house, but most of them?

Time to make friends again, or something.

Things about me that you dont care about
Name Daniel Hawking
Age 15
Birthday 26 Dec 1990
Hometown New Saris, Saris Control Zone, Aralonia
Where you live Tarina, Tarina Control Zone, Aralonia
Eye Color Dark-as-hell Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 164 centimeters
Weight 11.14 stone
Righty or Lefty Right-handed but politically very left
Inny or Outty Indented navel
Ethnicity Northern Aralonian
Worst Fear Failure
Goals Not failure
Soda Virgil’s Root Beer
Food Fettucini alfredo
Car 2003 Acura 3.2TL Type S OR 2007 Acura RL
Actor/actress Aya Hirano (as Suzumiya Haruhi)
Music Artist or Band Err. ENOZ feat. Suzumiya Haruhi and Nagato Yuki? XD?
Color Battle grey or silver
Movie N/A, I haven’t seen a good one in a while
TV show Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu すずみやはるひのゆ打つ
Holiday Christmas
Subject in school History
Resturant/Fast Food Pasta Pomodoro
Pizza Topping Sausage/pepperoni/olive
Book Battleships and Battlecruisers, 1905-1970
Thing in your room Laptop, of course
This or That?
Chocolate or Vanilla Vanilla
Rock or Pop Rock
Pizza or Hotdog Pizza, more filling
Ketchup or Mustard Mayonnaise
Apple or Orange Apple
Computer or TV Computer of course
Pencil or Pen Pencil for drawing, pen for writing
Color or Black and White Black for night operations, White for snow ops
Skating or Biking Biking, it’s faster and slightly less work
Beach or Mountains Mountains, I don’t like sand
Naughty or Nice Nice, I would say
Bright or Dark Dark, less strain on the eyes
Night or Day Night, see above
Late night or Early morning Late night, mornings suck
Have you’s?
Been in love Feelings of love are a temporary lapse in judgement that I have suffered under once
Smoke Smoking sucks
Drank Of course, how else would I keep liquid in my system
Been on TV Yes
Been in the News paper Yes
Do you’s?
smoke No
drink Of course, I need milk
play an instrument Piano
think you’re attractive Don’t know, depends on what people think
have a crush on someone Feelings of love are a temporary lapse in judgment
think someone has a crush on you Guess so?
have a best friend Yes.
draw on yourself Tic-tac-toe counts? Or rather, taking notes too
have a cell phone Yes
find yourself bored a lot Yes.
have a myspace Yes but I haven’t touched it in ages
have AIM Yes
have MSN Yes
have a girlfriend/boyfriend No
For a Guy/Girl
Hair Preference? I guess shoulder length?
Eyes Preference? Doesn’t matter, no makeup though since why change yourself?
Height Preference? Doesn’t matter
Weight Preference? Not massively bigger than me?
Style Preference? Not overtly punk or goth or emo or anything that pisses me off
Random stuff
Do you have piercings Stabbing myself with a pen on accident count?
Do you have tattoos No
How many CD’s do you own Video games, I can’t count them but music, like 9
Are you popular Haha no, I hate popular people
Have you ever broken the law No
Have you ever been arrested No
Are you tired of this survey Don’t care
Did you like it What the hell, better grammar than most
Are you done You tell me
Ok your done!

5 days. School.


w00t day camp.

No, seriously, it kinda sucks. Because it’s somewhat boring and I get sand thrown in my face.

And hair.

And glasses. I mean a wet sand clod STRUCK me in the face going at a good portion of distance per a good portion of time.

In any case.

I also realised that there are humbling experiences in life, such as helping the disabled get around. Just a feeling…


My name is Daniel Hawking.

There are three fractions that make up this persona.

One of which is sealed closed via the physical realm of the world. One of which is unlocked via the medium known as the Internet. One of which is standing tall, watching over the wondrous horizon in front of him.

Of the first, this is the one most who have met me see, the one shunned, the one unappreciated, the one treated as entertainment instead of a colleague, the one shunted off to the side.

Of the second, only a select few have been able to meet. Coherency and truthful thoughts are the hallmarks of those knowing this fraction, as are trust and belief. Most of the dearest friends know of this section.

Of the third...? Revival of the finest order, as the phoenix of a prince rises from his own ashes. The adventurer, a traveler.

Regardless of fates, this is who I am now.

Daniel Hawking. Prince of Aralonia.

One of many.

A representative of Aralonia.

Together, the collective mindset of a nation.

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