The Lounge of the Adventurer – lots of randomness with sprinkles made of comedy and a filling of our finest quality spite

Miri All Alone

[22:22] SilverWingedSeraph: Miri, Seolla and Michelle are together in an alleyway, amongst cardboard boxes and old clothing. The latter two are sleeping, but Miri is still wide awake, unable to do the same.
[22:22] MiriHawke: (You don’t mind flavour text, do you? i.e. Miri talking to herself)
[22:22] SilverWingedSeraph: (Noope)
[22:22] MiriHawke: Can’t bloody sleep. Damn clowns. And zombies. And hellbeasts.
[22:22] MiriHawke: Oh god, I don’t want clowns.
[22:24] SilverWingedSeraph: “Hmm. Yes. Clowns would be bad.” Comments a young-looking boy, standing at the end of the alley, hands tucked into the pockets of his worn jeans.
[22:24] MiriHawke: (Any recognisation of the boy?)
[22:24] SilverWingedSeraph: (Nope.)
[22:25] MiriHawke: …Who are you, kid? It’s a bit late at night for kids to be around. Well, alright, it’s a bit late at night for ANYTHING TO BE AROUND EXCEPT HELL BEASTS OH GOD
[22:26] * MiriHawke ponders a bit. _It’s been too long…_ “So… what do you want?”
[22:28] SilverWingedSeraph: “What do I want?” He asks, tilting his hand and raising a hand to rub his chin, “I was just walking along with my parents. They’re right over…” He points and turns his head, only to pause, “They were over there… Mom? Dad?”
[22:30] MiriHawke: “Oh…. how odd…” _That’s weird. The only sort of time that happened was when…!_ “Could you stand there for a sec?” She looks over to where Seolla and Michelle are. “Hey, you two.”
[22:31] SilverWingedSeraph: Michelle and Seolla are sound asleep. The kids cries out, and Miri turns her head back to see the kid running away, a roughly human sized creature with large clawed hands chasing after him.
[22:32] * MiriHawke curses and looks at Michelle and Seolla. _I can’t wake them up, can I?_
[22:32] MiriHawke: “Running. Lots of running. That’s all we ever do!” Miri takes off, bow, arrows, and knife in hand.
[22:32] MiriHawke: (At this point – silver arrows depleted?)
[22:33] SilverWingedSeraph: (Yes.)
[22:33] SilverWingedSeraph: Is Miri chasing the monster, or running away from it?
[22:33] MiriHawke: (Chasing, ready to shoot)
[22:34] SilverWingedSeraph: The monster grabs the kid by the shoulder and spins to face Miri, holding the screaming, crying child in front of itself.
[22:35] MiriHawke: Oh shit!
[22:36] * MiriHawke raises bow and aims. (Probability of hitting monster is low?)
[22:37] SilverWingedSeraph: (Probability of hitting is good)
[22:37] * MiriHawke fires an arrow!
[22:37] SilverWingedSeraph: The monster is hit in the head and roars, tearing the kid in half and throwing the two halves at Miri. The dead child’s upper torso hits Miri hard and knocks her two the ground.
[22:38] MiriHawke: (Whoops)
[22:38] MiriHawke: Oof!
[22:38] MiriHawke: (Monster dead?
[22:39] SilverWingedSeraph: Monster is still alive. Now with +1 arrows sticking out of its head, and lots of blood on it.
[22:39] MiriHawke: Oh, you motherfucker!
[22:40] * MiriHawke tries to get up, lightly placing/rolling/whatever the torso aside, and afterwards tries to make a knife strike
[22:41] SilverWingedSeraph: The knife cuts through one of the creature’s arms, causing it to roar loudly in pain. It responds by lashing out with its claws, ripping a large gaping hole in Miri’s abdomen. Guts are showing. Nasty.
[22:42] * MiriHawke wheezes and starts near-screaming at the pain– “Oh, come on, I’ve had worse!” She then attempts to stab the monster, if there’s enough strength for that.
[22:44] SilverWingedSeraph: The creature knocks aside the blow and then backhands Miri, sending her to the ground. As she loses consciousness, she finds herself beind dragged along the ground by her legs, her blood making the ground beneath her slick and wet.
[22:45] MiriHawke: Aaaaaaa…
[22:45] * MiriHawke blacks out, as ChibiMiri sits back and watches the cutscene
[22:46] SilverWingedSeraph: Miri wakes up on an operating table with doctors all around her, working quietly, the light above her glaring bright.
[22:47] MiriHawke: …OH I KNOW THIS ONE
[22:47] MiriHawke: Well, I heard of this one.
[22:47] MiriHawke: HI GUYS, DO YOU ALL SUCK
[22:47] SilverWingedSeraph: She’s heavily sedated apparently, unable to move. The attempt to yell comes out barely as a whisper, and she isn’t in any pain.
[22:48] MiriHawke: _Okay, fine, so I’ll think to myself. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lalalalalala TESTING SYNAPSES, ARE YOU ALL FIRING? OH, I CAN FEEL YOU GUYS_
[22:49] SilverWingedSeraph: Shortly there after, she falls unconscious again. When she wakes up, she’s in a hospital bed with a drip attached to her arm, and someone sitting beside her bed, though it’s difficult to make out who, as her vision is somewhat blurry.
[22:51] MiriHawke: (Console game style!) >look at environment
[22:51] SilverWingedSeraph: _Yes, we’re working, dumbass_
[22:53] SilverWingedSeraph: Your environment is a hospital room. Miri is in a hospital bed, wearing a hospital gown, with her glasses sitting on the bedstand next to said bed. In the chair next to her bed is an identical copy of herself.
[22:53] MiriHawke: >attempt to say “Hi there, how are you doing?”
[22:54] SilverWingedSeraph: (Okay, that’s distracting. :P)
[22:54] MiriHawke: (Awwww.)
[22:54] SilverWingedSeraph: The Miri-double stares at the real Miri blankly, “Feeling better?”
[22:55] * MiriHawke stares at herself. Anything else odd? “I’m not sure. Maybe. Maybe not.”
[22:56] SilverWingedSeraph: Nothing else odd. Miri appears to have several wounds which the doctors have patched up nicely, and she’s on morphine, so she feels light and happy. The sun is shining through the window. That might be considered odd.
[22:57] * MiriHawke finds talking to herself not odd in any way, shape, or form. “So, Marie, how’s the weather been recently? And what happened? It felt like I got in a car accident with a triceratops.”
[22:59] SilverWingedSeraph: “You got ripped in half.” The double-Miri responds, standing up and moving over to look out the window, “Stuff’s happening.”
[23:00] MiriHawke: “Oh? Be a dear and let me know what it is? Wow, could you also get me some coffee?” Real!Miri begins to smile warmly, almost sparkling. “I wanna perform an experiment. Substance abuse?” She thinks, then goes back to smiling.
[23:01] SilverWingedSeraph: Double-Miri blinks and walks over to the real Miri, handing her one of two already present cups of coffee, then proceeding to remove the drip, “You’re strange enough without Morphine. We’re back in the real world. I think.”
[23:03] MiriHawke: (Are Miri’s memories different in any way/)
[23:03] SilverWingedSeraph: (Nope.)
[23:03] MiriHawke: Yeah… yeah, we are, aren’t we?
[23:03] MiriHawke: I think. Wait. Back up. No. No we aren’t.
[23:03] MiriHawke: I think.
[23:03] MiriHawke: …
[23:03] MiriHawke: (Can Miri get up?)
[23:05] SilverWingedSeraph: (Yes. Although she feels wobbly.)
[23:06] * MiriHawke begins to attempt to get up, then, and walk over to Marie2. “Hey, can I call you Danielle?”
[23:06] MiriHawke: (You know what, I hate myself)
[23:07] MiriHawke: (And can I show Lizzie that line? >_>)
[23:07] SilverWingedSeraph: Marie2 blinks in response, “Um… okay. I didn’t remember my name very well anyway. Okay, so what do we do?”
[23:07] SilverWingedSeraph: (*snerks*)
[23:08] * MiriHawke ponders.
[23:08] * MiriHawke stretches her legs out a bit. _Testing you guys! Okay. Next up!_
[23:09] SilverWingedSeraph: Miri’s legs move just fine, although, as-said, wobbly.
[23:09] * MiriHawke kisses Danielle on the lips. For a while. (And I hate myself, again. COME ON, YOU’D DO THAT IF YOU MET YOURSELF)
[23:09] MiriHawke: Now that *that*’s over with! When they dragged me in, what did I have on me?
[23:10] MiriHawke: (Oh come on let me post that line)
[23:11] SilverWingedSeraph: (Sure.)
[23:13] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle blinks and kisses Miri back for a moment before stepping back, “Um… a bow… some knives… some arrows… clothing…”
[23:14] MiriHawke: Then we have to go and pick that up, right now. And then get out of here. But first.
[23:14] MiriHawke: Is this one of those apron smock thingies with an open back? Because I don’t want people who aren’t me staring at my own ass.
[23:15] MiriHawke: And I want a longish coat.
[23:17] MiriHawke: I’ve always wanted a longish coat.
[23:18] SilverWingedSeraph: “Yes it’s one of those apron smock thingies. Longish coat? We’d need to go get one of those. I don’t think they have any here. Except doctor coats. You’re not a doctor.” She said, then opened the dresser, “Your clothes and knives are here. I hid your bow and arrow outside.”
[23:19] * MiriHawke salutes, then examines to see if anyone’s looking, then drops smock, and changes, as if she was alone in a room. Technically, she is.
[23:20] MiriHawke: Now, then! Where to?
[23:20] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle watches for a moment, then turns to look out the window again, “Out here?” She says, pointing to the window. The third story window.
[23:21] MiriHawke: …You mean you want to jump?
[23:21] MiriHawke: I love you – me – oh, I’m going to need new pronouns. I love you and all, but if you’re so sure, go first.
[23:22] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle nods, “Okay.” She says. Opening the window and looking back at Miri, before jumping. There’s a loud splat-crunch, then a few moments later, she can be heard calling out, “Okay! You next!”
[23:22] * MiriHawke stares out the window. What the hell do I see?
[23:23] MiriHawke: (Staring, that is, at the groudn)
[23:23] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle is standing next to a large blood-stain, outside the hospital.
[23:23] MiriHawke: …Alright, then, fine, let’s go!
[23:23] * MiriHawke first picks up the metal tree that the IV was hanging on, breaks something with it, then hops out the window.
[23:24] SilverWingedSeraph: Miri lands head-first on the concrete with a splat. A few moments later, she’s up again, with Danielle helping her up.
[23:25] * MiriHawke cracks a few bones. “Well, that’s that. Oh, wow, that works.” She stares at Danielle. “You’re not freaked out?
[23:26] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle blinks at Miri, “I went splat too. Why would I be freaked out?”
[23:26] MiriHawke: Because this shouldn’t be happening in the real world? Oh, whatever. We have to get Seolla and Michelle out, right?
[23:27] MiriHawke: Where’d you put the stuff?
[23:28] SilverWingedSeraph: (brb)
[23:31] MiriHawke: (sure)
[23:31] SilverWingedSeraph: “It’s over here.” She says, leading Miri over to some bushes and pulling out a bow and a quiver of arrows, “Get Seolla and Michelle? Huh?”
[23:32] MiriHawke: Seolla, Michelle. The people I was traveling wit- How many of my memories do you haev?
[23:32] * MiriHawke picks up the weapons. “Splendid.”
[23:33] SilverWingedSeraph: “I have most of your memories. I know who Seolla and Michelle are. But… they aren’t here with us.” She said, grabbing a gun from behind the bushes as well.
[23:34] * MiriHawke whistles at the gun. “Then… we have to go and get them, right? Or… what would we do without them? What’s our goal while we wait?”
[23:36] SilverWingedSeraph: “I… don’t know. We could try and find the alley they were in?” She said, looking around.
[23:37] * MiriHawke tries to remember back. Would Miri be able to remember where it is, if she saw it or the surrounding locations? Meanwhile, “Good idea. Let’s just move, and… hope for the best. So, why are you here, anyway?”
[23:39] SilverWingedSeraph: Miri does have a vague idea of where it is. Unfortunately, it’s on the other side of town. Danielle looks up, “As I said, you got ripped in half. I got your lower body, you got your upper body. Then that monster thing tried killing you again. Then an ambulance arrived out of nowhere and brough you here. It was weird.”
[23:40] * MiriHawke stares at Danielle again, and embraces her, then kisses her on the cheek.
[23:40] MiriHawke: Well, come on, let’s go!
[23:40] MiriHawke: Wait, why “unfortunately”? Is there stuff along the way that we should be worried about, or what?
[23:43] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle blinks at the kiss, “Um, maybe? I dunno. Do you want to find out? Hey, we could get new clothes while we’re here!”
[23:44] MiriHawke: “That’s not a bad idea at all.” She looks down at her probably very dirty and tattered clothes. “Though I do like what I have. Maybe a palette swap? Light colour jeans to dark blue, skirt from blue to grey, and… maybe a long coat this time!”
[23:46] SilverWingedSeraph: “Why jeans beneath the skirt, anyway?” Danielle asks, walking towards the street and looking at the passing cars, “Maybe we can get a taxi…”
[23:46] MiriHawke: I HATE CARS
[23:46] * MiriHawke coughs.
[23:46] MiriHawke: I mean, uh. I like jeans! They’re as form fitting as stockings, and they’re warmer, too.
[23:46] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle looks at Miri, “I know you hate cars… does that mean you want to walk?”
[23:47] MiriHawke: Walking is good! Walking is nice. In fact, maybe running.
[23:48] MiriHawke: I like running. Let’s run.
[23:48] * MiriHawke takes off running
[23:49] SilverWingedSeraph: “Running? Aren’t you sick of running?” Danielle asks, then takes off after Miri, “Stores are this way!” She says, pointing towards the intersection they’re heading towards.
[23:49] MiriHawke: I like running, dammit!
[23:49] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle laughs and pokes Miri in the ribs, then runs past her.
[23:50] * MiriHawke grins, then stops in the middle of the sidewalk and looks up.
[23:51] MiriHawke: soft voice: Why do I have a feeling I’m just wasting time? We need to get back and find everyone… get them back so that we can get here…

[23:52] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle stops and looks back at Miri, “What are you saying?”
[23:52] MiriHawke: Ah? Oh…
[23:53] MiriHawke: _I need to find them. But first… palette swap. I smell so bad._ “Just trying to remember where the stores where I got everthing was!”
[23:55] * MiriHawke proceeds to move into a store and buy everything?
[23:56] SilverWingedSeraph: “This way.” Danielle says, pointing down a street. You get to the store and start gathering items. Upon heading towards the counter, you remember that you’ve been trapped in Hell Dimension Wainsborough for over a year and have no MONEY.
[23:57] MiriHawke: …Well, this is bad.
[23:57] MiriHawke: Oh, whatever, fine. Wait.
[23:57] * MiriHawke ponders robbery.
[23:57] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle hands Miri a credit card.
[23:57] MiriHawke: …
[23:57] MiriHawke: What the hell? When did you pick up all this?
[23:57] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle looks innocent.
[23:58] MiriHawke: …
[23:58] MiriHawke: Oh, whatever, I’ve got enough in the bank.
[23:58] * MiriHawke swipes card and gets palette swap!
[23:59] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle proceeds to follow. That credit card is not MIRI’s credit card, by the way. It has a random name you’ve never seen, on it.
[23:59] * MiriHawke proceeds to ignore it, and signs the machine with, quite literally, ##########
[00:00] MiriHawke: (It actually works, they don’t care what you sign)
[00:01] SilverWingedSeraph: “Looking good! Okay, so, where do we go now, brave leader?” Danielle asks, also in a new outfit, in colours at the opposite end of the spectrum, just to differentiate herself from Miri.
[00:02] * MiriHawke snerks.
[00:02] MiriHawke: We should head to the alley… we need to be able to find them.
[00:04] * MiriHawke picks up the credit card, looks at it for no reason, flicks it into the air, and pockets it
[00:04] SilverWingedSeraph: “Okay! The alley! Lead the way. I don’t remember where it is.” She says, humming to herself and pulling out her gun, “I hope we meet some monsters. I want to shoot something.”
[00:05] * MiriHawke just walks to the general location of where the alley might be.
[00:06] MiriHawke: “You usually do, don’t you know? But I’m not too good with guns… you better be better than me.” She grins and glances back. “So… how long was I out for? Anything else odd happen?
[00:06] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle follows! Everything appears normal for the walk back, however. Stopping outside the alley, it appears to be empty. Danielle peers in, “I don’t see ’em.”
[00:06] MiriHawke: …Then what the hell do we do from here? Oh, let’s go to school. But put your gun away.
[00:09] SilverWingedSeraph: “Um… I think I wanna keep my gun out…” She mumbles, standing behind Miri and facing away from her, she raises the gun to shoot something, which lets out an inhuman wail in response.
[00:09] MiriHawke: …
[00:09] * MiriHawke turns around.
[00:11] SilverWingedSeraph: A human-shaped creature with a large, gaping, sharp-tooth mouthed collapses to the ground, a hole in the middle of its forehead. The area starts to fill with fog.
[00:11] MiriHawke: …
[00:11] MiriHawke: Oh, here we are, aren’t we…
[00:12] * MiriHawke puts a hand on Danielle’s shoulder. “Nice shot, you.” She smiles, then draws an arrow from a bow. “Now what? If we’re going back, then… that means that they’ll show up here, right?”
[00:12] SilverWingedSeraph: “Looks like it.” Danielle mumbles, then looks back into the alley, “Oh! There they are.”
[00:12] * MiriHawke turns to see for herself.
[00:13] SilverWingedSeraph: Seolla and Michelle are sleeping soundly.
[00:13] * MiriHawke smiles, relievedly, and turns to Danielle, then puts a hand on each shoulder. “Hey, you. You…”
[00:13] MiriHawke: …You’re not going anywhere, are you?
[00:14] SilverWingedSeraph: “Why would I go anywhere… um… uh-oh…” She mumbles, starting to fade.
[00:15] MiriHawke: …because…
[00:15] * MiriHawke , as hard as it is to believe, begins to cry. “I was going to do so much with you! Have adventures! Go around and being awesome! Talk to someone who might actually understand me!”
[00:15] SilverWingedSeraph: “I think I’m going back to the real world… sorry, Miri!” She says, half-invisible now.
[00:16] MiriHawke: You know why I shout, right?
[00:16] * MiriHawke tries to hold on tighter.
[00:16] MiriHawke: You know as well as I do why I shout and yell and act all insane and all, right?
[00:17] MiriHawke: I wanted to have fun with you… granted… how can I say that about everything, but… it’d be with another…
[00:18] SilverWingedSeraph: “I can’t hear you, Miri? What are you saying?” She mumbles, almost completely faded now, clinging to Miri tightly.
[00:19] SilverWingedSeraph: Danielle sniffles, “I’ll wait for you.” She says, raising a hand to wipe her eyes as she disappears completely.
[00:20] MiriHawke: I’ll find you…
[00:21] MiriHawke: Miri keeps her hands held on Danielle’s shoulders, until they disappear entirely, but still holds them up, tears slowly flowing down her face. “You… for a short while, I had someone who could have understood me, who could have been as… well, me.”
[00:22] MiriHawke: “I’ll… You’re as much as an anomaly as I am. Probably more. But once I get out of this hell again… I’ll find you. I promise.”
[00:23] SilverWingedSeraph: Michelle yawns and opens her eyes a little, “Who are you talking to, Miri?” She mumbles.
[00:23] MiriHawke: Miri looks in her pocket and finds the credit card, then smiles at it. “I’ll remember you, with this.”
[00:24] * MiriHawke wipes the tears from her eyes really quickly, sucks in through her nose loudly and wetly, then turns around and smiles. “I met someone, just now. While you were asleep. Call me crazy, but just for a few minutes, I got my favourite wish. I met myself.”
[00:25] SilverWingedSeraph: Michelle sits up and gives Miri a confused look, “Um… okay. You should come back to bed. Sleep is important.”
[00:26] * MiriHawke stares at the plastic in her hand, then looks at Michelle. “Maybe…” Then she yawns widely, then stops in the middle of yawning. “Crows.” She clamps her jaw shut. “Ehh, it hasn’t worked. And we’ve got another day to go through. We have to find our way back home.”
[00:28] SilverWingedSeraph: “… Crows? You’re very strange, Miri.” Michelle murmurs, lying back down, “There’s no way home. We need to get out of this city.”
[00:30] MiriHawke: “Crows, okay? It’s something I used to be told, crows would nest in my mouth if I yawned.” She sighs. “And yes, there is a way to get home, I just… I was… oh, whatever.”
[00:31] SilverWingedSeraph: Michelle holds out her arms, “Come to sleep, Miri. Don’t worry about your friend. I’m sure you’ll see her again one day.” She says with a yawm.
[00:31] * MiriHawke idly looks around for a mirror.

[00:32] SilverWingedSeraph: There are no mirrors, although a nearby window does a decent job of reflecting things.
[00:34] * MiriHawke looks at herself in the window, then, for dramatic effect. “I’ll see her, more often than you’d think.” Then looks back at Michelle. “And don’t you go calling me crazy, ghostie!” Miri then smiles, and lays down near Seolla and Michelle.
[00:34] MiriHawke: “Let’s try this sleeping thing again, shall we?”

[00:35] SilverWingedSeraph: Michelle laughs at Miri and smiles, “Yes, let’s do that.” She says with a yawn, closing her eyes again.
[00:35] * MiriHawke holds up the credit card one last time, then pockets it, making sure to button the pocket closed.


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My name is Daniel Hawking.

There are three fractions that make up this persona.

One of which is sealed closed via the physical realm of the world. One of which is unlocked via the medium known as the Internet. One of which is standing tall, watching over the wondrous horizon in front of him.

Of the first, this is the one most who have met me see, the one shunned, the one unappreciated, the one treated as entertainment instead of a colleague, the one shunted off to the side.

Of the second, only a select few have been able to meet. Coherency and truthful thoughts are the hallmarks of those knowing this fraction, as are trust and belief. Most of the dearest friends know of this section.

Of the third...? Revival of the finest order, as the phoenix of a prince rises from his own ashes. The adventurer, a traveler.

Regardless of fates, this is who I am now.

Daniel Hawking. Prince of Aralonia.

One of many.

A representative of Aralonia.

Together, the collective mindset of a nation.

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