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Posted on: 7 November 2011

I hope that someday you’ll forgive me. I’m sorry. I miss you.


Woke up at 7. Got to airport at 8. Chilled out for an hour and a half. Watched Shaft’s Maid Anime Thing. Got on plane. Arrived. Chilled out with her for a bit, went to mall. Met up with one of her other exes. Slight hilarity. He left. We hung out at mall. Talked a bit. Played some DDR. Went back to her house. Tired as hell. Panicked about not being able to find a place for me to stay. Met up with her grandmother. Grandma offered us to stay at her place. Went to casino. Played some slots. Lost 6 bucks. Had dinner. Went to grandma’s place. Still tired. Hung out. Talked for a bit. Minor breakdown of guilt and such. Happy that I was able to fulfill promise.


Woke up at 9. Did nothing until 12. Went to her house. Got to look at her car for a bit (it’s not bad). Went to airport. Chatted a bit more. Now I’m here. Thanks, Ally.

Speedblogging ftw I need to get on the plane afk

So, I went to see Scott Pilgrim. This will not be a blog post that describes the movie in all minute detail. Instead, I will ask you a variety of questions.

1.) Do you enjoy having fun?
2.) Are you willing to take a leap of faith and take a look at this movie while it’s still in a theatre, in order to get the best possible experience? It’s difficult/impossible to replicate the feel of seeing something on a big screen, which I’ve personally been learning.
3.) Do you enjoy video games?
4.) Do you enjoy comic books?
5.) Do you enjoy a bit of a love story? I mean, just a sprinkle. It’s not all about the love story.
6.) Michael Cera is in this movie. Okay. I guess I’m lucky that I basically don’t care for any actor. Does anyone else happen to enjoy movies without paying attention to the actors?
7.) Yes, it’s full of videogame hipster bullshit. It doesn’t take itself seriously. Is that okay with you? It realises that it’s a combination of a love letter and a parody.
8.) Do you possess any nostalgia for the past at all?
9.) Do you enjoy the Zelda series?
10.) Do you enjoy having fun?

I will now link some blog entries that are basically “Scott Pilgrim vs. the Common Populace”

Long story short: Give Scott Pilgrim a shot. Yes, there are elements where I am disappointed. Yes, there are scenes where I wish they would have done something else. Yes, it’s partially because I read the comics.

Really, if you want my actual opinion, read volumes 1 and 5 of the series. 1 sets the light-hearted tone, and 5 gives you the real meat and what the story’s about in proper.

[04:56] <~PinkFlowerPrincess> And I mean… I’d have trouble maintaining a relationship with someone that much younger than me. But I wouldn’t have any trouble But the last time I spent 4.5 hours talking to a girl late at night, it was one of my sister’s friends who was spending the night. My sister was in bed, me and her were chillin’ in my room, talking ike the situation Ara describes, and I just kinda stopped and looked …
[04:56] <~PinkFlowerPrincess> … at her and said, “Y’know I’ve been resisting the nailing them…
[04:56] <~PinkFlowerPrincess> what
[04:56] <~PinkFlowerPrincess> …
[04:56] <+DanielHawking> …
[04:56] <+DanielHawking> WHAT
[04:56] <~PinkFlowerPrincess> I musta bumped ctrl v somewhere
[04:56] <+AureusSila> the nailing them
[04:56] <+AureusSila> yes
[04:57] * ~PinkFlowerPrincess scratches head.
[04:57] <~PinkFlowerPrincess> wow
[04:57] <~PinkFlowerPrincess> That’s…
[04:57] <~PinkFlowerPrincess> awkward.
[04:57] <+AureusSila> just a little

This… is just so horrible I have to put it under a hide. I’m not even posting it on Parallax Stars.

Prompt: Write a scene driven by off-stage interaction.

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[13:23] <DanielHawking> FJDF
[13:23] <DanielHawking> SHIT FUKING OW
[13:23] <Siber> …
[13:24] <George> So noted.
[13:24] <DanielHawking> george memo DanielHawking: EVER AGAIN
[13:24] <George> So noted.
[13:24] <DanielHawking> george memo DanielHawking: FUCKING IDIOT
[13:24] <George> So noted.
[13:24] * Siber laughs explosively
[13:24] <DanielHawking> JESUS CHRIST THAT HURT
[13:24] * DanielHawking collapses.

[16:52] <+RRoan> NM, what’s the weirdest control-surface name you’ve come across?
[16:52] <+RRoan> Just out of curiosity.
[16:53] <@Number_Muncher> [19:52] <RRoan> NM, what’s the weirdest control-surface name you’ve come across? <= I’m not sure. Flaperon? Eleveron? Ruddervator? Stabillator? Slat?
[16:53] <+RRoan> Flaperon.
[16:53] <+RRoan> Definitely.
[16:54] <+RRoan> That’s almost as good as the word “clopen”.
[16:54] <@Number_Muncher> there exists a beast that can be described only as “eleverflaperon,” but I don’t know the actual name
[16:55] <+DanielHawking> oooh munchei
[16:55] <+DanielHawking> didn’t they use those on the Concorde
[17:01] <@Number_Muncher> wait, Chevrokia. The 747 has Tailerons?
[17:01] <+Chevrokia> yes
[17:01] <@Number_Muncher> ………….. I’m about to shed a tear of joy Chev
[17:01] <+Chevrokia> apparently because the ailerons on the wings can’t roll the aircraft fast enough
[17:05] <+DanielHawking> The 747 needs that sort of control surface to roll
[17:05] <+DanielHawking> it’s a frickin’ big plane
[17:07] <@Juumanistra> Big plane is indeed big.
[17:07] <+Chevrokia> k so i’m gonna have flaperons, tailerons, and fowler flaps
[17:07] <+Chevrokia> strictly speaking, spoilerons too
[17:07] <@Number_Muncher> add slaterons
[17:07] <+DanielHawking> wtf munchie
[17:07] <+DanielHawking> does that even work
[17:08] <+Chevrokia> it could
[17:08] <+DanielHawking> Maybe
[17:08] <+DanielHawking> You guys are silly.
[17:08] <@Number_Muncher> full length segmented slotted flaperons and slaterons with tailerons and spoilers
[17:08] * +DanielHawking builds a plane with two engines on the tail, DC-9 style
[17:08] <@Number_Muncher> and just a normal rudder
[17:08] * +DanielHawking then thrust vectors them
[17:08] <+DanielHawking> THE ENTIRE ENGINE POD ROTATES
[17:09] <+doc_evilonavich> ..I want moar combat straight rocket boosters for aircraft
[17:09] <+candiro> wat
[17:09] <@Number_Muncher> tbh, Slateron/Flaperon isn’t all that crazy, it’s mostly just ailerons and slats that can get used independently and in realtime by the flight computer with a bit of extension capability
[17:10] <@Number_Muncher> though this suggests the creation of a split-wing
[17:10] <+DanielHawking> Don’t slats extend from under the wing in a 180 degree angle?
[17:10] <+DanielHawking> er, 180 degree turn
[17:10] <@Juumanistra> Obviously we require a commercial airliner with ruddervators.
[17:10] * +DanielHawking remembers the 747 landing video
[17:10] <+DanielHawking> ….
[17:10] <+DanielHawking> Juums.
[17:10] * +DanielHawking throttles
[17:10] <+Chevrokia> rudderons
[17:10] <+DanielHawking> CHRIST
[17:10] <+Chevrokia> no wait
[17:11] <+Chevrokia> ruddervatorons
[17:11] <@Number_Muncher> depends on the type, “slat” just refers to a control surface on the front of the wing
[17:11] <@Juumanistra> YES ARA. GET TO WORK REDRAWING.
[17:11] <@Number_Muncher> wait, make a V-wing?
[17:11] <@Number_Muncher> o_O
[17:11] <@Juumanistra> So that I can do the silly H-tail.
[17:11] <+DanielHawking> V-tail
[17:11] <+DanielHawking> no I want the H-tail
[17:11] <@Number_Muncher> no, V-wing
[17:11] <+DanielHawking> sad.gif
[17:11] <+DanielHawking> …
[17:11] <@Number_Muncher> V-wing
[17:11] <+DanielHawking> V-wing
[17:11] <+DanielHawking> …
[17:11] <+DanielHawking> Omg
[17:11] <@Number_Muncher> ruddervatorflaperons
[17:11] <+DanielHawking> No
[17:11] <+DanielHawking> Fuck this
[17:11] <+DanielHawking> X-wing
[17:12] <@Number_Muncher> RUDDERVATORFLAPERONS
[17:12] <+DanielHawking> 9G+ TURNS ON COMMERCIAL AIRLINERS
[17:12] <+candiro> oh god
[17:12] <+candiro> what’s going on
[17:12] <@Juumanistra> Entirely solid wings. The only control surfaces are on the tailplanes.
[17:12] <+DanielHawking> NO
[17:12] <+candiro> the lot of you have lost it entirely
[17:12] <+Chevrokia> no
[17:12] <+DanielHawking> MISSION ADAPTIVE WING
[17:12] <+Chevrokia> the entire plane
[17:12] <@Juumanistra> I have no idea how we got here, Cand.
[17:13] <+candiro> i’m scared now
[17:13] <@Number_Muncher> V-wing
[17:13] <+candiro> oh god
[17:13] <@Juumanistra> Chev and Munchy were talking about control surfaces, then I mentioned the need for a commercial airliner with ruddervators, then it kind of spiraled out of control.
[17:13] <@Number_Muncher> Candiro
[17:12] <+Chevrokia> and then we just kept adding on
[17:12] <+Chevrokia> i was talking about perfectly sane control surfaces
[17:13] <+RRoan> all of a sudden this thread got really lol
[17:13] <@Number_Muncher> ruddervatorflaperons
[17:13] <@Number_Muncher> IT IS THE BEST IDEA WE’VE EVER HAD
[17:13] <+RRoan> CLOOOOOOOOPEN
[17:13] <@Number_Muncher> EVER
[17:13] <@Number_Muncher> IN THE HISTORY OF EVER
[17:13] <+candiro> all moving ruddervatorflaperons
[17:13] <+candiro> this frightens me
[17:13] <+RRoan> CLOOOOOOOPERN
[17:14] <+DanielHawking> WAIT
[17:14] <+DanielHawking> NO
[17:14] <+RRoan> shock.gif
[17:14] <@Number_Muncher> Ara, make them split surfaces
[17:14] <@Number_Muncher> so they can do airbraking too
[17:14] <+candiro> oh jesus
[17:14] <+Chevrokia> fowlers
[17:14] <+Chevrokia> make them fowlers
[17:14] <+Chevrokia> triple slotted
[17:14] <+RRoan> I don’t even know whats going on
[17:14] <+RRoan> I suspect zine doesn’t either.
[17:14] <@Number_Muncher> RRoan, you know what happens when a bunch of engineers get together
[17:15] <@Number_Muncher> and get a little excited
[17:15] <@Number_Muncher> and a lot drunk?
[17:15] <+DanielHawking> I am giggly right now
[17:15] <Zine> RRoan-> I rarely know entirely what’s going on
[17:15] <+RRoan> oh yeah urrite NM
[17:15] <@Number_Muncher> well, Windows ME, but besides that
[17:15] <+candiro> these things get *built*


My name is Daniel Hawking.

There are three fractions that make up this persona.

One of which is sealed closed via the physical realm of the world. One of which is unlocked via the medium known as the Internet. One of which is standing tall, watching over the wondrous horizon in front of him.

Of the first, this is the one most who have met me see, the one shunned, the one unappreciated, the one treated as entertainment instead of a colleague, the one shunted off to the side.

Of the second, only a select few have been able to meet. Coherency and truthful thoughts are the hallmarks of those knowing this fraction, as are trust and belief. Most of the dearest friends know of this section.

Of the third...? Revival of the finest order, as the phoenix of a prince rises from his own ashes. The adventurer, a traveler.

Regardless of fates, this is who I am now.

Daniel Hawking. Prince of Aralonia.

One of many.

A representative of Aralonia.

Together, the collective mindset of a nation.

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