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after action report

Posted on: 12 September 2009

Those bastards in my hall really are prideful bastards.. So he’s calling me a pussy and a liar for not taking food from people in the hallways. I’m just not hungry. I close the door in his face and he starts ripping the whiteboard off my door. He starts calling me a faggot and a pussy, again, of course, since that’s all his vocabulary. Then he tells me to step over to where he is and I tell him “Aralonians listen to ourselves. We are indpendent. We don’t listen to people like you.” He rushes at me but I slam the door in his face. Someone in the hall pulls him back and he thinks I’m insulting him for being Arabic. I open the door, tell him “Actually, you’re an idiot” and close it again.


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My name is Daniel Hawking.

There are three fractions that make up this persona.

One of which is sealed closed via the physical realm of the world. One of which is unlocked via the medium known as the Internet. One of which is standing tall, watching over the wondrous horizon in front of him.

Of the first, this is the one most who have met me see, the one shunned, the one unappreciated, the one treated as entertainment instead of a colleague, the one shunted off to the side.

Of the second, only a select few have been able to meet. Coherency and truthful thoughts are the hallmarks of those knowing this fraction, as are trust and belief. Most of the dearest friends know of this section.

Of the third...? Revival of the finest order, as the phoenix of a prince rises from his own ashes. The adventurer, a traveler.

Regardless of fates, this is who I am now.

Daniel Hawking. Prince of Aralonia.

One of many.

A representative of Aralonia.

Together, the collective mindset of a nation.

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