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Swordfighting near midnight

Posted on: 8 September 2009

tired, copypasting from IRC

[02:13] Aralonia: I never told you the whole story about the swordfight
[02:13] _Lizzie_: ok
[02:14] Aralonia: So my roomie picks up my sword. I poke him to give it back but he goes and tosses it at another dude.
[02:14] Aralonia: the other dude, an Arabic, starts slashing back at me
[02:14] Aralonia: I want it back
[02:14] Aralonia: so he offers to duel me in the hallway
[02:14] Aralonia: by this point I just want my sword back and he says “no”
[02:15] Aralonia: so fine, I go upstairs and get changed into proper battle wear (a long sleeve shirt and my brown coat, plus slacks and shoes)
[02:15] Aralonia: go downstairs
[02:15] Aralonia: he makes the first move and I slash at him. he dodges backwards
[02:15] Aralonia: the duel continues, but he disarms me for a sec.
[02:15] Aralonia: I pull my fucking nerf rifle out of my coat and point it at him
[02:16] Aralonia: er, not rifle, pistol
[02:16] Aralonia: he flees for a sec but then I put it away and grab my sword
[02:16] Aralonia: duel continues
[02:16] Aralonia: He did a punch at me with his fist but I blocked with the nerf gun.
[02:16] Aralonia: His knuckle at this point is in pain
[02:17] Aralonia: Then he broke the sword tip of my nerf sword. motherfucker
[02:17] Aralonia: he stuffed it down his pants. double mofucka
[02:17] Aralonia: he stepped on the sword tip and broke it into pieces. triple mofucker
[02:17] Aralonia: I call him a stupid coward, honourless
[02:17] Aralonia: I guess Egyptian people surround me and try to talk touch
[02:17] Aralonia: *talk tough
[02:17] Aralonia: a few girls, who saw me, step in and tell them to fuck off
[02:17] Aralonia: I get my swords back and then Public Safety arrives and tells them to fuck off
[02:18] Aralonia: at this point I run away
[02:19] Aralonia: but apparently Public Safety said “When I heard there was a swordfight going on, first I wanted to just drive BACKWARDS. Second, I wanted to come watch”
[02:20] Aralonia: so uh
[02:20] Aralonia: I come out uninjured even though he kicks me like 5 times
[02:20] Aralonia: he comes out uninjured but with the pride that he can’t beat up a little kid broken
[02:20] Aralonia: because little kid knows fencing/kendo
[02:23] Aralonia: I apologised to the students


1 Response to "Swordfighting near midnight"


what the fuck that is hilarious.

did anyoen get in trouble tho?

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My name is Daniel Hawking.

There are three fractions that make up this persona.

One of which is sealed closed via the physical realm of the world. One of which is unlocked via the medium known as the Internet. One of which is standing tall, watching over the wondrous horizon in front of him.

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