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copypasted from Skype, because fuck this

Posted on: 8 September 2009

[8:37:09 PM] !Daniel Hawking: Okay, so
[8:37:25 PM] !Daniel Hawking: I’m minding my own business cooking myself some dinner.
[8:37:49 PM] !Daniel Hawking: Some random bitches come in.
[8:38:06 PM] !Daniel Hawking: They offer to duel me. Again. (This is following last night, which was just human stupidity)
[8:38:10 PM] !Daniel Hawking: I don’t give a shit.
[8:38:12 PM] !Daniel Hawking: I cook dinner.
[8:38:18 PM] !Daniel Hawking: They open my drawers? A bit of a violation of my own privacy
[8:38:31 PM] !Daniel Hawking: Grab a nerf gun out of it and start pointing it at me, dry firing it at me.
[8:38:38 PM] !Daniel Hawking: Sonya, stop typing, this is my story, let me finish
[8:39:09 PM] !Daniel Hawking: Anyways.
[8:39:35 PM] !Daniel Hawking: This sorta starts pissing me off. But I just keep preparing my food. Then they take my own possession out of my room. Um, wtf?
[8:40:02 PM] !Daniel Hawking: As you can imagine about having someone steal something that belongs to me, I’m fucking pissed off.
[8:40:54 PM] !Daniel Hawking: But that’s beside the point. The point of the matter is that he throws it on the ground the moment I start walking towards the RA’s office.
[8:40:59 PM] !Daniel Hawking: Calling me a dirty snitch and stuff like that.
[8:41:17 PM] !Daniel Hawking: Um, hello? Rule 1 of Aralonian Infantry Tactics? “There is never too much artillery.”
[8:42:09 PM] !Daniel Hawking: Anyways, that’s it.


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My name is Daniel Hawking.

There are three fractions that make up this persona.

One of which is sealed closed via the physical realm of the world. One of which is unlocked via the medium known as the Internet. One of which is standing tall, watching over the wondrous horizon in front of him.

Of the first, this is the one most who have met me see, the one shunned, the one unappreciated, the one treated as entertainment instead of a colleague, the one shunted off to the side.

Of the second, only a select few have been able to meet. Coherency and truthful thoughts are the hallmarks of those knowing this fraction, as are trust and belief. Most of the dearest friends know of this section.

Of the third...? Revival of the finest order, as the phoenix of a prince rises from his own ashes. The adventurer, a traveler.

Regardless of fates, this is who I am now.

Daniel Hawking. Prince of Aralonia.

One of many.

A representative of Aralonia.

Together, the collective mindset of a nation.

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