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Aralonian Mobile Suit Design Sequence

Posted on: 27 July 2008

Mobile suits in Aralonia are designated according to the company, instead of by a unified naming scheme. As a result, Genoard Munitions Industrie and Reutonia Heavy Design apply their prefixes to the mobile suit unit. The following number is just an arbitrary number according to how many designs have been used beforehand.

1st Generation Prototype Models

GMI-29 Roland (resembles GM[E])

1st Generation Mass-Produced Models

GMI-31 Paladin (cross between GM Kai from 0083 and GM Quel)

1st Generation Testbed Models

GMI-35 Joyeuse (RX-78-4, RX-78GP01, RX-178 for design influences – equipped with less armour and modified frame)

GMI-35.42 Joyeuse (Modification of GMI-35 to equip miniaturised Nikolai drive, capable of self-sustained flight at medium velocity)

GMI-35.83s Joyeuse (Final GMI-35 design that adds binders and modified shoulder pieces for space use

GMI-35.98g Joyeuse (Final GMI-35 design that adds reactive armour for ground use)

RHD-15L (Testbed model designed to work in pairs with R unit. Armed with close-range weapons such as a shield unit on the left arm carrying a beam sword and wire-guided rockets, as well as probably two hand-held light machine cannons/beam machine cannons)

RHD-15R (Testbed model designed to work in pairs with L unit. Armed with long-range weapons such as a long rifle, beam cannon, shoulder-mounted missile pods and probably two rocket anchors)


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My name is Daniel Hawking.

There are three fractions that make up this persona.

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