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Thought Process – Variable Fighters vs. Mobile Suits

Posted on: 25 July 2008

Interestingly enough, two fields of combat come together with the storyline I’m working on. You have mobile suits and variable fighters coming into contact with each other. While the mobile suit is a well armoured, decently fast fighting unit, the variable fighter is a transformable, very fast, yet lightly armoured unit (energy conversion armour aside, which I’ll probably include due to similarity to electric-reactive armour). How would one be able to defeat the other?



High speed, high maneuverability, gun pod and head turret can be used simultaneously as CIWS, crazy rolling ability in Battloid


Relatively low armour compraed to mobile suits, no heavy-hitting firepower other than missiles

Mobile Suit


Beam rifle, Minofsky reactor/particle dispersion, heavy armour, beam saber at close range, AMBAC


Low speed as compared to VF fighter mode


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