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Parallel Journeys [Thought Dump]

Posted on: 20 July 2008


-World 1: Gundam World

–Possible war of aggression involving Germany/Russia pushing into EU/Aralonian territory and the war that follows to regain territory and break the back of the German/Russian military. WWII rewritten? >_o


-World 2: New Saris, The Aralonian Golden Age

–Future Tech, BSF-verse? Probably shorter chapter showcasing space combat and evolution of space colonisation. Possibly renting out a Crown Colony-class cruiser and blasting around like maniacs.

-World 3: Old Saris, the Capital of the United Kingdom

–Old old old. Middle Ages. A view into Aralonian life in a time now remembered only in storybooks and fairy tales

-World 4: “Dating Sim”

–Everyone wants to go home. Le sigh. So ding press a button and… okay, now how did that happen? Welcome to Harker Memorial High School, a place where hopes, dreams, and fantasies are shot down by the administration… then performed anyways because god damn it why are we in a dating sim. This one’s probably going to be fun to write ahahahahaha

-World Final: Post-Exodus

–The final point of all events. Character designs for Daniel Hawking, at least, are nearly finalised. And it’s going to be good.


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My name is Daniel Hawking.

There are three fractions that make up this persona.

One of which is sealed closed via the physical realm of the world. One of which is unlocked via the medium known as the Internet. One of which is standing tall, watching over the wondrous horizon in front of him.

Of the first, this is the one most who have met me see, the one shunned, the one unappreciated, the one treated as entertainment instead of a colleague, the one shunted off to the side.

Of the second, only a select few have been able to meet. Coherency and truthful thoughts are the hallmarks of those knowing this fraction, as are trust and belief. Most of the dearest friends know of this section.

Of the third...? Revival of the finest order, as the phoenix of a prince rises from his own ashes. The adventurer, a traveler.

Regardless of fates, this is who I am now.

Daniel Hawking. Prince of Aralonia.

One of many.

A representative of Aralonia.

Together, the collective mindset of a nation.

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